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Welcome to Swell Photographs, a selected retrospective of my landscape photography since I returned to Utah from Boston several years ago. And here’s a twist: I’m giving these shots away. That’s right, you can download seriously high-resolution, print-quality versions of these photos right here on this site, rights-free, no questions asked. My only request is that you click the “Donate” button under each photo, and when you do, 100% of your donation will be transferred to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (, a great organization fighting to preserve Utah’s unique beauty. After you’ve made your donation, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download the shot. Please, do the right thing and donate. You’ll  be helping to save the San Rafael Swell and other endangered wilderness areas in Utah. And, oh yes, I hope you like my photos.

Give one, or more, of these photos as a gift. A great way to express your solidarity with Utah’s endangered wilderness!


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