Donate to Save the Swell!

rod_swell_2009The San Rafael Swell is one of the most wild and beautiful places on earth, but it’s vulnerable. It will be devastated by “progress” if something isn’t done soon. Here’s what you can do: Pull down the “Places” menu (above), pick a location and check out the photos (be sure to click the link icon when you hover over a photo). If you’d like to own any of the photos on my site, please click the “Donate” button under the photo, and 100% of your donation will be transferred to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, which is fighting hard to save the Swell, and other precious wilderness areas. Here’s what you’ll get in return: After you’ve made your donation, you’ll be returned to the site where you can download a watermark-free, high-resolution print-quality (tiff) file of your photo, which you can use however or wherever you please, knowing that you’ve done the right thing for a great cause. On that page, you can also download a grateful acknowledgement of your donation. You can donate whatever amount you wish, but please be generous (suggested minimum $10). Donate to save the Swell from snake oil salesmen, mining interests, thoughtless off-roaders, smarmy land developers, and their lackeys in government, all of whom have no regard for the sheer beauty of our natural resources, let alone the ruination they’re attempting to impose upon us, our grandchildren, our planet. Please donate to Save the Swell! Thanks.

If you are thinking that the Swell isn’t truly vulnerable, that it’s all just another come-on from a bunch of strident environmentalists, watch this video: