Printing Options

Printing Your Photo(s)

After you’ve made your donation and have downloaded the tiff file of your photograph, I’ll be happy to work with you to produce the highest quality print. You can choose your own printing method of course, but I’ve entrusted the photos on this site to Atelier AFA. Read on:


Here is a shot of a triple matted and signed print. Click the photo for a larger view.

I work exclusively with Atelier AFA, Salt Lake City, for the printing of my photos. These consummate professionals go way back (for local photo history buffs, Atelier AFA staff re-emerged intact after the untimely death of Borge Anderson). They’re experts in all aspects of photo reproduction, and I trust them implicitly with my work. Their reproductions are exactly the way I see the originals. In the world of red rocks and mountain landscape photography, Atelier AFA is my go-to place.

Matting and Framing

Matting and Framing are subjective, so you may choose to mat and/or frame the photo yourself. On the other hand, I highly recommend Brushworks Gallery, Salt Lake City. I’ve worked with them since my return to Salt Lake City, and their work is exquisite, the highest quality. The first step for you to consider is matting. They’ll pick out the most appropriate tonality to match the photo, they’ll precision cut the mat, augmented with an optional double or triple mat, and they’ll mount the matted photo on a permanent backing. Even if you decide to pick your own frame, I’d recommend matting and Brushworks Gallery in any case (that way, I can sign it). However, if you want to go to the next step. framing, their experts and I can pick out a frame for you that will enhance your photo and matting, and Brushworks will put it all together for you, within your budget. They have a wide selection of frames, and the finest facilities. Once completed, your matted and/or matted and framed photo will be shipped anywhere in the United States (shipping is charged separately).

Giclée Cards

matted and framed giclée card

Matted and framed giclée card

“A giclée is the closest thing a collector can have to an original… ”
– From an article appearing in Digital Fine Art Magazine,
“Why Artists Like Giclèes” by Jane Karlicek

Pronounced “zhee-clay”, (La) Giclée, so named because the method involves depositing microscopic dots of ink onto fine quality art paper. Giclée is considered to be one of the most significant breakthroughs in digital imaging today. Giclée printers can create reproductions that are hundreds of times more detailed than industrial-class inkjet or laser printers. Atelier A.F.A. is the best giclée printing house in the West, perhaps anywhere. They meticulously inspect proofs prior to printing, and the final cards are produced on the finest rag papers, which are designed to last a lifetime. As an alternative to traditional matting and framing, consider printing a set of Giclée Cards. If the Giclée option is attractive to you, I highly recommend Atelier A.F.A. As shown, Giclée cards are suitable for framing. I will be delighted to work with you, should you choose to print giclée cards. Feel free to contact me.