Black Box Gorge

The Black Box is best known for a 400 foot gorge, carved by the San Rafael River. The Black Box, which most likely got its name by the one of the notorious Swasey boys, is covered by a type of lichen that dies and stains the rocks black. In addition, the gorge, which runs in a wide curve for about two miles, can easily “box in” any unsuspecting hiker. These contrasts of black and white, mixed with reds and purples (yes, purple – something to do with the lichen I think) cannot be found anywhere else in the Swell, perhaps anywhere, period. Caveat: the Black Box Gorge is a very dangerous place, so take care. I set up this shot on the tip of a ledge overlooking the gorge, and on that day, there were some serious updrafts. My hat blew away, and luckily, that was all.


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