Fire Canyon


Fire Canyon, Valley of Fire, Nevada Part reality, part fantastical landscape, this shot happened accidentally during a trip through Nevada. Looking beyond the second range in the far distance is another surreal topography: Las Vegas. For me, the lights, colors, and architecture of Fire Canyon are much more compelling. Click the “Donate” button (below) to get [...]

Valley of Fire


Valley of Fire, Nevada I get a visceral reaction from this shot. It seems that nature had taken a wire brush to the skin of this rock, and scraped it torturously, day by day, for millions of years. Click the “Donate” button (below) to get your rights-free high-res printable (tiff) file of this photograph, which you [...]

Zion Narrows


Zion Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah This shot was taken in the autumn of 2007, shortly after I'd returned to Utah from 20 years in Boston. It's on the trail to the "trailhead" if you can call it that, as the trail ends at the Virgin River, wherein those who don't mind getting wet and have very [...]

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