Sun Tunnels, West Desert, Lucin, Utah

Sun Tunnel Demo ShotThe Sun Tunnels, located about 130 miles west of Salt Lake City, is a Land Art Installation, created by the late Nancy Holt, wife of artist Robert Smithson, creator of the Spiral Getty, among other installations. There are four tunnels, specially constructed to Ms. Holt’s specifications. The tunnels are lined up and placed precisely so that the sun can be seen rising through the exact center on the winter and summer solstices. Ms. Holt worked closely with physicists and astronomers in the construction and installation of each tunnel. This shot, looking through one of the east-west tunnels, shows the light from the sun shining through holes that precisely correspond with positions of constellations and stars, pinpointed and tracked differently in each tunnel (that’s what those swooping curves are all about). My purpose, aside from marveling at this modern day Stonehenge, was to capture the feel, texture, and intricate details of a remarkable work of art.


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