Sunset, Great Salt Lake

For many visitors to the Salt Lake Valley, the Great Salt Lake is a major attraction. Locals, however, largely steer clear, unless it’s for boating or a visit to Antelope Island, a protected wildlife and migrating bird refuge. Antelope Island is also the best place to get a shot of a sunset over the lake. I’d heard that the mythical “green flash” that can happen over the Pacific Ocean at sundown, can also happen over the Great Salt Lake. So I decided to find out for myself, and this is what I got. But caveat emptor photographers, you pay a price for a shot like this. The bugs along the beach are relentless. By the time I got this shot, which was taken after waiting in the same spot for almost an hour, then frantically shooting at top speed (almost smoking my camera), thousands of bugs were buzzing and crawling over everything, including me. Green flash aside, this shot is a homage of sorts to the painter, the late Douglas Snow, who found his inspiration in the landscapes of the West, like many of us, and who, in my opinion, was unequalled.


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